The Springboard Tribe are advocates for championing the future of work that builds and blends neuroscience knowledge into the culture and fabric of companies, their structures, values, and people. Specifically, how organisations and those that lead can develop the knowledge to work with, not against the diversity of their talents brain power.

Are you curious to know how the human brain works and how you can inspire the potential and rich diversity of all the people in your company?

It’s a fact that most people know more about how to get the best from their smart phone than they do their brain. But knowing how your brain works is crucial. The world of work is being re-shaped. As self-management becomes the norm with the emphasis on connectedness, communication, influence, and innovative thinking if you don’t know how to harness your brain power effectively you are just doing the same old same old. Our purpose at Springboard Tribe is to share with you how to use your biggest untapped potential – the ingenuity of your brain. We are an MSc ‘Applied Neuroscience in Organisations’ qualified consultancy. We partner with forward looking individuals and companies who recognise that as we are in a new work revolution we need to reinvent what companies mean and how they do it.

So that everyone wants to bring 100% of their brain to the work that they do.

Our established development techniques demystify the neuroscience, focusing behavioural growth on insights from the brain, nervous system and body.  It’s about unlocking the potential within you and your teams to achieve more, to adapt and to thrive. Leadership development comes in many guises but Springboard Tribe are one of only a handful of development consultancies to focus on evidenced brain based coaching, upskilling and organisational effectiveness with the fascinating world of neuroscience at its core. This means the insight you can gain from working with us is effectively activating the potential you already possess.

Our Leadership Coaching Credentials

Springboard Tribe founder Soraya Shaw was one of the first to hold an MSc in Applied Neuroscience in Organisations, was a board member for The Association of Coaching and comes from a commercial creative agency background. This gives us a unique approach to organsiational development that you won’t find anywhere else. People work with us because they want to learn how to shape their talents and diversity to reflect who they are as individuals and not feel unauthentic. And that’s the beauty of neuroscience. Each of our brains is unique just like our fingerprint. Learning the science of neuroplasticity, emotional & cognitive regulation, how to look after your brain health so you flourish – and this is just the beginning –  gives you the open mind to develop and become more than you believe.

The Neuroscience Difference

Have you ever embarked on a programme of executive development, leadership coaching, mentoring or training and thought “there must be more to this”? Have you ever wanted to better understand your relationship with your brain? How you can release its potential for creativity, innovation and decision making? What is needed to protect your brains health? Have you got a thirst for knowledge and want to expand your understanding of how to get the best from people? How to be a leader that makes people smarter? Or how to refocus your culture to be pioneering, whilst ensuring everyone feels secure enough to be seen and heard? These are the questions that coaching, training and strategy development based in neuroscience can help answer. Because neuroscience is such a fascinating field of study and new discoveries are being published everyday, using it as a basis for amplifying the best in people can really open doors for you and your way of thinking. If you’d like to know more about how working with Springboard Tribe can help support you, your business and its goals, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today.

Come on in and find out how we can support you through our services and products from our Neuroscience based development academy


4 Hour Session

For pioneering organisations to deepen and master expertise by tapping into the potential of all the brains in the business

  • Stress & Resilience
  • Confidence & Gravitas
  • Rapport & Influence
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • Communication & Gendered Leadership


3 x 3-Hour Sessions

Action-focused development of human ingenuity for people who are reshaping company culture.

  • What’s Next Lab ©
  • Neuro Resonant Leadership
  • Neuro Resilient & well-being for Management


4 Hour Sessions

Hands-on interactive learning for management teams to explore & enhance their business competencies.

  • Team Innovation, Pitching & Communication
  • Career Meaning & Purpose
  • Optimising Brain Power
  • Growth Mindset
  • Building Your Brand
  • Your Brand as a Working Parent/Hybrid Culture


Executive, Team & Individual coaching using neuroscience & the brains plasticity to supercharge potential to create new opportunities 

  • Shaping the minds of leaders, senior managers, core teams and individuals who want to invest in ongoing learning to thrive & achieve future work and life aspirations

Neuroscience Training

4 x 2-Hour Sessions

Applied Neuroscience Training for Professional Practitioners and Business Professionals

  • Learn the foundations of applying practical brain-based knowledge to benefit your practice or company.