Performance development and coaching for leaders and teams.
Focused on behavioural change insights and techniques of the brain as evidenced through Neuroscience.

To optimise the potential of yours and your teams brain power,
creating thriving environments where everyone
wants to bring all their brain to work, everyday.

Empowering your brain.....

so you can control your future

At Springboard Tribe we are here to share with  you how to use one of our biggest competitive advantages – the ingenuity of the human brain.

We are an MSc ‘Applied Neuroscience in Organisations’ qualified coaching and performance consultancy.  We work with leaders, senior teams and HR in how to apply the latest behavioural neuroscience knowledge so that they and their teams can develop to be their best-selves.

By demystifying the brain science we give you the practical skills to invigorate everyone to bring all their brains to work, wherever and however they are working.

Come on in and learn more about the Springboard Tribe



Full Day

Learn how to deepen and master your expertise by tapping into the potential of your brain and mind

  • Confidence & Gravitas
  • Influence & Rapport
  • Stress & Resilience
  • The Feminine Advantage
  • Defeating Imposter Syndrom




Half Day Intro & 5 x sessions

Action focused development for leadership, senior management and teams who are shaping company culture.

  • Resilience & Wellbeing
  • NeuroLeadership Development
  • What’s Next Lab Future Trends


Full Day

Hands on interactive learning for leaders and their teams to explore & develop their brains potential.

  • Creative Innovation & Development
  • Growth Mindset
  • Learning & Neurogenesis
  • Culture & Productivity


90 Minute x 7 sessions/Bespoke Discovery Sessions

Executive and Team coaching using neuroscience techniques to empower lasting results and change.

  • For leaders, senior managers and core teams who value the benefits of investing in on-going learning and thought leadership

Re-mould your brain

Neuroscience is evidencing how success is based in our minds, creating seamless and evolving neuronal pathways. Adapting our pathways facilitates reappraisal and new mindsets, leading to a freedom to learn and grow in our lives.

Enrich Your Potential

Neuroscience is at the forefront of giving us the evidence and knowledge for understanding what our individual brains and bodies need to be healthy, to learn and grow, to feel safe, to develop emotional resilience and intelligence, and to stay focused.
Unlock your potential