We help you to optimise the power of your brain


Shift mindsets to embrace greater boldness, curiosity and deeper thinking

From masterclasses and coaching to elite programmes and bespoke workshops  about how to maximise the power of yours and others brains – we work to make neuroscience informative and easy to apply to everyday work and life.

Neurodiversity is the diversity of human brains and minds.  The infinite variation in neurocognitive functioning means that there really is no ‘normal’ brain; thanks to differences in environment, culture, experiences, neurogenetics, brain structure etc., each brain is unique. 

Advances in neuroscience are constantly illuminating significant discoveries to uncover some of the mysteries of how our brains work, why we behave the way we do, how we are all different and why putting people and their needs first creates a safe and positive environment for them to bring all their brains to work.


We firmly believe that by understanding and befriending our brains we can make the difference we want to see for individuals, society, communities and business.


By providing bespoke neuroscience-based knowledge programmes for individuals, teams and groups.

Neuroscience is evidencing how success is based in our minds with emotions, thoughts, creativity, experience and intuition creating seamless and evolving neural pathways. Adapting these pathways facilitates reappraisal and new mindsets, leading to  a freedom to learn and grow in our lives.

Our masterclasses, programmes, coaching and neuro training are designed by:

  • Using the latest evidenced neuroscience, behavioural sciences, management techniques, B2B and B2C director level experience, 18 years accredited Executive Coaching knowledge and an MSc in Applied Neuroscience in Organisations designed for experienced executives and  professionals in a business environment.

  • Partnering  with professionals in their field so that all we do is robust and reflects current wisdom and knowledge.

  • Being interactive and bringing together like-minded individuals who want to determine what their future can hold.

  • Creating opportunities to work as teams to explore programme learning and implementation.


Our world is one of transition, so at Springboard we recognise the importance of building a tribe of people who share a common social identity and purpose. By promoting and enjoying strong and trusting relationships we optimise ours and others talents and skills. Brain based coaching and learning builds resilience, flexibility and agility and encourages innovative performance and creative solutions.

Neuroscience is at the frontier of showing us what it is to be human. Evidence reveals that our sense of belonging creates positive mood states that increase longevity, health, and satisfaction. The traditional belief of ‘you are who you are’ is obsolete, as we realise that we can in fact develop our positives to maximise our impact in the world.