Our Purpose and Why

Our Purpose at Springboard Tribe is through Neuroscience (the study of the brain and nervous system) to demystify the 'science' to create an understanding of how to work with our brains to develop potential. We want to engage leaders and teams to understand how to put in place brain-based cultures to create a thriving and healthier organisation, so people happily bring all their brains to work, wherever and however they are working.

Our Why comes from our client experience and studies that show people on average only use 70% of their brains at work, meaning that 30% is not focusing on using their skills and talents to create success. For so many their focus and attention are distracted because they don't feel engaged, and are working in a toxic culture that doesn't understand or value the importance of well-being mentally, emotionally, cognitively and physically.

The infinite diversity of the human mind means that there really is no one size fits all brain. Our brains have been shaped by the individual differences we have experienced in our environment, culture, relationships, neuronal pathways, genetics and brain networks.

Each of our brains is unique and diverse, as is the talent and ideation that only we can bring.

Our How

We are continuing to research and study behavioural, cognitive and emotional neuroscience. We take the learning and distil it to show what it means to us as individuals and how it can be practically applied.  Everyone can develop no matter at what stage in their career to be their best selves and develop their latent talents.

Outside of our expertise, we partner with professionals in their fields so that everything we do is robust and reflects current experience, trends and knowledge to benefit our clients.

Our Who

We believe in developing and collaborating with a tribe of people who share a mindset based on positive potential.
We want to enrich current and future innovators. Courageous leaders who value the inclusion of all human diversities. Management teams who want to redefine the future work agenda.  Talent guardians who want to put the human back into resources. And the people who will and are shaping tomorrows business today. 

Valuing and understanding our humanity is the way forward to create future thought leaders and innovative business with the aim of creating fairer, more sustainable and just societies. The traditional belief ‘you are who you are’ is obsolete. We now know that our brains continue to develop throughout our lives. So yes, you can teach old dogs new tricks. Which is pretty exciting!