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Leading for mastery not perfectionism

To say that the past year has been tumultuous is an understatement!!!

Only fires should burnout, not people!

Brain Friendly ways to protect Mental Health through workplace Brain Wellbeing

Tomorrow is here today. observing trends

We’ve applied how our brains will benefit by the future trends being actioned by businesses, to keep you upto date

Boost your brain - eat, drink and be merry

Don’t forget what ever you eat feeds your brain so here’s how to do it simply for an all round boost!

How to stay motivated and driven

In lockdown it’s important to look after the wellness of you brain to keep it healthy and active. Here are 5 evidenced techniques.

It’s all in your head: the brain’s response to crisis

Soraya Shaw was invited by the AC to write a piece on how applied neuroscience can explain why people react differently to uncertainty and the crucial role of our brains – with important lessons for coaching and our relationships with others responses to COVID.

Coaching in the workplace virtual conference

From 24-26 June, the AC and Institute of Coaching hosted a joint online leadership and coaching conference, comprising more than 30 sessions across three subject tracks. Soraya Shaw shares her reflections on attending the event

What is applied neuroscience?