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Meeting of Minds

This masterclass will give you the performance and engagement skills you need to be a truly successful, inspirational manager. Based on the latest from neuro- and behavioural science, you will learn to develop and increase your team’s resilience and performance and to make work a place where people have meaning and purpose.

Positive Stress and Resilience

Using the latest neurobiological evidence this masterclass will teach you how to approach and embrace stress as a positive challenge that can enhance and increase your personal wellbeing and performance at work. Designed for teams and individuals you will gain the ability to approach pressured situations in a positive and solutions-focused way and learn to identify your personal triggers and limiting behaviours which may be getting in your way.


In this masterclass we share industry insights into the success and failures of wellbeing cultures. We outline the potential positive impact on your business of including evidence-based neuroscience alongside a behavioural & cognitive science approach to wellbeing. Together we explore activities that can enhance mental and physical wellness and learn how even small misunderstandings, can reduce trust and impede innovation.

Leadership and Wellbeing

This series of masterclasses uses evidence-based neuroscience and a wealth of coaching experience focused on leadership, teamship and neuro-wellbeing that will transform you and the way you work with others