Neuroscience Workshops for Businesses, Teams and Organisations

Interactive learning for relational and business skills

Hands on interactive learning for management teams to explore and enhance their business competencies

Build your leadership credentials to become a better manager. Our ‘Say Hello To Your Brain'(c) series presents a menu of workshops for leaders and the teams they work with. Built on the principles of neuroscience and designed to optimise talent and growth potential using evidenced neuroscience techniques, our workshops are one of our most popular offerings at Springboard Tribe. Create a space for your team to develop their understanding and approach to challenges with the application of neuroscience.

Discover key theories and research in the field of positive neuroscience and apply this learning to daily tasks or key projects. Understand the scientific foundations of neuroscience and the huge impact this discipline can have on your organisational framework. Allow teams to develop new insight to overcome obstacles as they arise both internally and externally. Support your team’s career development and personal learning journey with core skills that can be applied to a plethora of challenges and opportunities.

Taking Key Learnings from Neuroscience

With neuroscience as the foundation to all our workshops we deliver courses that enhance leadership and management; Help grow creative ideation and boost innovative thinking; Promote an organisational culture of success with focused leadership and find pathways to conflict resolution and resilience.

All our workshops result in an action plan devised by the attendees. Team and Individual re-setting workshops include:

  • Team Mental Health
  • Team Lonliness & Status
  • Career Meaning and Purpose
  • Optimising Brain Power
  • Growth Mindsets
  • Building Your Brand to achieve presence and impact
  • Your Brand as a Working Parent/ in a Hybrid work culture
  • Team Conflict, Challenge, Diversity, Culture and Rituals


Springboard Tribes interactive workshops are run online over a 4 hour session. If you need them to be more indepth to learn and explore potentials further then we are happy to extend the workshops to deliver what you need.

We are known for designing and delivering bespoke workshops unique to your team and your organisational challenge, industry and culture. We will work closely with your team to create something interactive and hands-on to maximise learning opportunities for your operation. Get in touch today to learn more about what we offer and how we can help you realise your growth and development 

What people say

Managing Director
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“This has given us a framework, guidance and structure to guide our random thoughts in a cohesive and knowledgeable way. Really looking forward to the next session and exploring the wider implications”.
Leadership Team Director
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“The guidance, advice and technique were crafted and tailored to our needs - for us it means being able to action ambitions not just talk about them only to drop the ball after the session. Realistic and fun to work with we have not only been able to put the insights into practice but also use them again and again when passing on advice. This has helped me see a real world view of my personal aims and the business, remove obstacles and move strategically forward”.