Brain-based solutions for relational and business skills

Our ‘Say Hello To Your Brain'(c) series presents a menu of workshops for leaders and their teams designed to optimise their talents and growth potential using evidenced neuroscience techniques.

Each subject area can be run virtually as short introductions for a group talk or for more depth as two or three half day interactive sessions for deeper sustained learning.

Topics include:

  • Creativity, Innovation and Development
  • Boosting Engagement and a Growth Culture
  • Creating Constructive Conversations that Avoids Conflict
  • Neuro Leadership EQ in a Changing Hybrid Environment
  • Understand Neuro-Resilience and Mental Wellbeing
  • Focused Team Purpose and Actions


We are also happy to design a bespoke workshop or talk as we have done for our clients recently as we come out of C19 to meet their particular brief.


What people say

Managing Director
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“This has given us a framework, guidance and structure to guide our random thoughts in a cohesive and knowledgeable way. Really looking forward to the next session and exploring the wider implications”.
Leadership Team Director
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“The guidance, advice and technique were crafted and tailored to our needs - for us it means being able to action ambitions not just talk about them only to drop the ball after the session. Realistic and fun to work with we have not only been able to put the insights into practice but also use them again and again when passing on advice. This has helped me see a real world view of my personal aims and the business, remove obstacles and move strategically forward”.