'Mind Your Brain' Coaching Conversations

Focused on achieving your ambitions for the future and the life you aspire to

Invest in coaching that supercharges a high performance culture by valuing and developing each persons talent

Executive, Neuroleadership and Team Coaching

Our 1:1 Coaching is designed with the brain in mind. Using the latest evidenced behavioural and cognitive neuroscience, interlinked with psychology, commercial and business trends. Coachees develop insights into how to adapt mindsets and behaviours to achieve their potential and sustainable performance.

Benefits of brain based coaching

Brain based coaching conversations are designed to engage and mirror your unique mindsets. The benefits are:

  • Engaging in challenging conversations that give you time to pause, think and plan post C19
  • Be educated on how your brain and mind works so
    • You develop your best self
    • Lead others more effectively
  • Better define your ambitions, purpose and why
  • Discover a brain healthier perspective
  • Learn to be a neuroleader who can create a trusting working culture and be cognisant in motivating and influencing others

Interested in a coaching conversation?

Our coaching conversations can be delivered either as a set programme or on an on-going needs basis. We can also provide a pre-booked drop in company clinic.  Currently all our sessions are being delivered on-line.

Traditional Delivery

Our neuro-coaching conversations create a collaborate, totally confidential relationship. We support you to gain self-awareness, emotional regulation and behavioural adaption. 

This process challenges your assumptions and enriches your mindset to give clarity and insights, new perspectives, feedback and solutions.

Quick. I need to talk now!

Sometimes you just need to talk NOW reflecting the pace of business and decisions.

‘Just in time’ coaching is here for you when you need it. You brief us on the topic and we support you to focus on the results. Just email us with the form below and we’ll get straightback to you

Come together

Coming together as a team or a group is a real opportunity to positively impact your businesses future direction. Together you can have a dedicated process and space to collectively problem solve, identify and plan opportunities, agree strategy and actions and reinforce relationships.

C19 created a distance between work colleagues. Coming back together will reinforce your ‘why’ as a company, to reform and reinvigorate your culture and sense of belonging.

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