Effective Brain-Based Coaching – ‘Mind Your Brain'

Expert one-to-one coaching focused on achieving your ambitions for the future and the life you aspire to

‘Mind Your Brain’ is a unique neuroscience designed coaching framework structerd to support you to achieve your professional goals and life ambitions through brain-based insights that empower you to shape positive mindsets, habits, behaviours and good mental health.

Shaping the minds of leaders, managers, teams and individuals who want to invest in on-gong learning to achieve their future work and life aspirations, and optimising the potential of their minds.

Supercharging potential to empower lasting results.

Executive Coaching & Neuroleadership

Tailored 1:1 executive coaching is designed to meet your needs. Whether you’re a fintech business looking to grow leadership skills in your senior management team, a leader wanting to expand their skills repetoire to inspire others, or you’re an individual seeking new techniques to apply to your own career growth or new direction.  Our ‘Mind Your Brain’ coaching conversations are designed to support you to expand the neuroflexibilty of your brain, by reshaping existing neuronal pathways as you learn new ways of mastering your performance and abilities.

All our one-on-one coaching has been developed with the brain in mind. Drawing insights and learnings from the latest evidenced based behavioural and cognitive neuroscience, interlinked with psychology, commercial and business trends, our practical hands-on coaching puts new knowledge and leadership tools in your hands. Additionally, our coaching conversations help you develop insights into how to adapt mindsets and behaviours to achieve full potential and maintain ongoing peak performance.

The Benefits of Brain-Based Coaching

Every individual comes with their own set of strengths, challenges and well learned thought patterns. This is why we adapt our programmes to you. Brain based coaching conversations are designed to engage and mirror your unique mindsets for the very best results.

This is a typical structure for our coaching conversations:


  • Engaging in challenging conversations that give you time to pause, think, gain insights and reassess
  • How is society & tech accelerating change? How can you plan and adapt mentally to fresh challenges? What is it that your truly want to achieve?


  • Get to know your own mind. Become better educated on how your mind works in order to:
    • Develop structure and skills to improve your lifestyle
    • Lead others more effectively
    • Gain influence and gravitas
    • Better define your ambitions, purpose and why
  • Discover a healthier brain perspective
  • Learn to be a neuroleader who can create a trusting working culture and be cognisant in motivating and influencing others

Interested in a coaching conversation?

Our coaching conversations can take place either as a set programme or on an on-going basis, guided by your needs. Flexible coaching conversation delivery means we can provide a pre-booked drop-in company clinic, fully online relationships or a hybrid model of online and offline.

Coaching Conversations

We create a space for collaboration, ensuring 100% confidentiality and a safe space for you.

With your coach, our ‘Mind Your Brain’ coaching conversations will give you deeper understanding into your motivations, to gain insights and define your aims.  We support you to challenge limited assumptions that ignore the brains capacity for change , emotional regulation, awareness and behavioural adaptation.

This process gives you brain based knowledge to optimise your potential, enrich your mindsets, re-setting your expectations and perspectives, to empower you to approach life and work with a renewed vigour and belief.

Quick. Discovery Coaching Sessions

If you have an immediate need, you can arrange a one off appointment.

Often important business, team or management decisions need a guided space to air thoughts and reach decisions.

Our Discovery coaching session is here for you when you need it. You explain where the focus is needed and we support you to focus and get the best results. Just contact us: Hello@Springboardtribe.com

Team Impact

Coming together as a team or a group is a real opportunity to positively impact your business’ future direction. Together you can have a dedicated process and space to collectively problem solve, identify and plan opportunities, agree strategy and actions and reinforce relationships.

COVID-19 has created a distance between work colleagues in the traditional workplace. Coming back together will reinforce your ‘why’ as a company, to reform and reinvigorate your culture and sense of belonging.

Contact us today at Hello@Springboardtribe.com  to learn about Group coaching sessions. Tell us about your needs and objectives and we will design a specific session for you.