'Mind Your Brain' Coaching Conversations

Focused on achieving your ambitions for the future and the life you aspire to

By investing in brain based coaching both for yourself and your teams you are supercharging a high performance inclusive culture that values the diversity of each person so they can be their best selves and thrive.

Executive, Neuroleadership and Team Coaching

Our 1:1 Coaching puts applied neuroscience at the heart of coaching, with the focus on you discovering your higher level sustainable performance and potential.
Based on the latest evidenced behavioural and cognitive neuroscience, interlinked with psychology, commercial and business trends you will gain insights into how to adapt your mindsets and behaviours for a richer life.

We believe your success and wellbeing is linked with achieving your professional and personal purpose, so that you in turn can inspire and lead others.

Remarkable leaders reap the benefits of being lifelong learners

At Springboard Tribe senior leaders, their teams, entrepreneurs and future leaders all welcome:

  • Engaging in challenging conversations that give them time to pause, think and plan post C19
  • To be educated on how the brain and mind works so they can be their best selves and lead others more effectively
  • To adapt their behaviours, mindsets and role model credentials to create an environment others want to return to
  • Better understand motivating influences to lead others in achieving their aims
  • Better define their ambitions, purpose and why
  • Discover a brain healthier perspective.


Our clients span professional services, change makers, individuals and departments, fear-facing entrepreneurs, retail pioneers and partnerships, communication giants, architectural visionaries, life-blood SME’s, dedicated charities and many, many wonderful individuals.

The thread that binds them together is a belief in the power of theirs and others individuality as a force for good and as a positive and sustainable competitive advantage. 

Interested in a coaching conversation?

Our coaching conversations can be delivered either as a set programme or on an on-going needs be basis. A popular alternative is a pre-booked drop in company clinic.  Currently all our sessions are being delivered on-line.

Traditional Delivery

Through our neuro-coaching conversations we create a collaborate, totally confidential relationship supporting you to gain self-awareness, emotional regulation and behavioural change to underpin resilience. Side by side skills development are identified, goals clarified, and the steps to achieving results put in place. This process will challenge your assumptions and conclusions to give clarity and insights, new perspectives, feedback and solutions.

Quick I need to talk now!

In response to the speed of business and immediacy of developments being experienced due to C19, we are also providing clients with ‘just in time’ coaching, with shorter sessions focused solely on a targeted topic, increased session frequency and results focused check-ins.

Come together again

A shared team identity and purpose that taps into your brains diversity is what makes work not feel like work, but an activity where you can be totally present as yourself. So because teams have reformed in differing ways over the past virtual months, going back to basics through rebonding, refocus and repurpose is a must to redefine the future agenda.  Using a virtual format team/ project group coaching and exploration design, this format is facilitated to reignite the drive of a winning team where everyone is valued, can bring all their brain to work and can thrive.

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