Management & Leadership Masterclasses

Expand and strengthen core professional skills with our series of masterclasses for individuals and teams

Our series of interactive masterclasses are designed to deepen the knowledge and mastery of the core cognitive and emotional skills that underpin leadership and management. Ideal for experienced executives and professionals looking to excel in a business environment, we use an interactive approach that has proven immensely popular and successful. Our hybrid masterclasses evidenced by neuroscience provide senior performance coaching to teach and develop management and leadership skills. Meet the challenges of a changing business environment, in a post-COVID world, with renewed skills, insight and belief.

Springboard Tribe’s management and leadership masterclasses build on your existing experience in a professional environment to boost development of your leadership skillset. It’s about retraining your thought patterns using your brain neuroplasticity to reshape the knowledge and experience you have.

Opportunity to Grow & Develop

Discover a fresh approach to building influence with stakeholders and clients. 

Find and stimulate new opportunities to manage teams with compassion, strength and a shared flow and engagement.

Grow your confidence in making strategic decisions and inspiring cultural change in your organisation.

The Springboard Tribe team brings decades of specialist brain-based coaching and training experience combined with top academic qualifications and first-hand industry expertise. 

Each masterclass runs over 4 hours which is the optimum learning time, and uses our proprietary ‘Mind Your Brain’© framework. Developed by Soraya Shaw, founder of Springboard Tribe, the ‘MInd your Brain’ framework utilises findings from her extensive studies in the field of applied organisational neuroscience and corporate background in creative agencies directing Unilever & J&J business to name just two. One of the first business professionals globally to hold an MSc in Applied Neuroscience in Organisations, combined with years of practical coaching, Soraya developed this action-based framework to help take insight from neuroscience in academia into a practical format for businesses and organisations.

Face leadership challenges with renewed vigour after our masterclasses; offering a unique perspective from a progressive, curious and future-focused team of applied neuroscience specialists.  

Take a look through our management and leadership masterclasses below and let’s schedule a date for your team. Got questions? Get in touch.

Stress and Resilience

This Masterclass is for groups and teams and has been updated to include the latest neurobiological evidence from our MSc research. Pressure and stress are part of our daily personal and business lives. Understanding the powerful emotions and neurotransmitters behind stress mind states, can support change in your brains narrative to improve and prevent mental ill-health, build resilience and develop better performance.

In this masterclass you will learn...

  • How your brain perceives threat so you can take control as an individual and as a group
  • Preventative techniques so you can reappraise your emotions benefiting your wellbeing
  • Recognise when your cognitive brain is being highjacked and how to apply balance

Plus, we will share the 4 key strategies for creating a more successful relationship with stress

Authentic Confidence & Gravitas - Is the effect you expect what you get?

Is the effect you expect what you get? Authentic self-confidence and gravitas are important attributes at all levels. They can impact your career success, how you influence, and your ability to present and voice your thoughts. How you manage your self-belief toward your own abilities impacts how you present yourself, trust your judgements and the ideas you have. This masterclass is for those who need to re-set their mindset, refresh their brand or reforming as a team in a hybrid environment.

In this masterclass you will learn ...:

  • How to optimise your self-belief and efficacy to achieve a genuine, confident mindset
  • Develop new neuronal pathways that change your physiology and how your display gravitas
  • Recognise when your brain is about to self-sabotage and therefore change your narrative & brains neurochemistry

Plus, we will share with you the 4 key strategies to build your authentic presence

Client rating April 2022 = 5/5

Building lasting rapport and influence

This masterclass will help you understand the techniques of engaging with people positively and authentically to build rapport and influence. It will give you a greater depth of understanding about how others tick. You will learn techniques to respect mindset differences and how to interact to meet mutual needs. Designed for those with stakeholder responsibilities, managing teams or in leadership roles.

In this masterclass you will learn ...:

  • How your brain creates trust creating synergistic relationships, especially in a hybrid work place
  • Establishing rapport so you can enjoy better performance results
  • How by applying neuroscience techniques you can recognise different mindsets and therefore needs

Plus we will share with you the 5 key skills to build your people & communication engagement.

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

In this masterclass you will uncover what imposter syndrome is, how your brain misleads you, and how to change any limiting biases you unconsciously hold. Wherever you are in your career and whatever your role, knowing and being able to identify your knowledge, experience and business acumen will support you to value yourself, and see yourself as others do.

In this masterclass you will learn ...:

  • How to understand why your brain tricks you into having a lack of belief in your abilities so that you doubt yourself
  • How to define your role and style, and create your growth mindset
  • When to recognise the importance of voicing your abilities doing it comfortably and with authority

Plus, we will share with you the 3 key strategies and skills to dispelling your gremlin voice, replacing it with your internal narrative that celebrates your experience and knowledge.

Brain Based Leadership - How the best leaders make people smarter

Would learning how to be a brain based leader support you to make your people smarter? What impact could this have as we come out of the global 'tumble dryer' experience and as investing in learning to influence change becomes a game changer. As a business you need to be looking at how you optimise your offering and to do that you need the best brains that are engaged, focused and innovations driven.  As leaders working in a structure based on connectivity and interweaving of processes not heirarcy means being able to resonate with the diversity of your teams and clients creating trust especially as company cultures continue to flux and reform.

Todays leadership also needs to be cognisant of how the gendered brain emotional responses predict behaviour, decision making and innovation abilities, for a genuine competitve advantage.

In this neuroscience based masterclass you will learn ...:

  • How are brains are structured for success or failure, and the influence of the role of the leader
  • How to develop a resilient organaisation that values the importance of open communication and absorption of new information
  • How to respect the resonant attributes both feminine and masculine, that are needed to shape the future of work

This masterclass is for internal leaders of people & teams looking to explore and gain knowledge for business agility.

Our series of interactive masterclasses are designed to deepen the knowledge and mastery of the core cognitive and emotional skills that underpin leadership and management. Each masterclass runs over a day and uses our unique ‘Mind Your Brain (c)’ results led approach. 

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