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Our series of interactive, professional skills masterclasses have been successfully attended by 100’s of business professionals including those with just a few years’ experience under their belts, to those who want to learn new skills and polish the ones they have.  Each Masterclasses is based on the skills needed in our VUCA world, evidenced through neuroscience, behavioural knowledge, innovation trends, growth and agility mindsets, coupled with learning from past attendees

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Stress and Resilience
We all face pressure and stress in our lives, some of which is good, and some which we perceive to be bad. This masterclass has recently been redesigned to include the latest neurobiological evidence on how to approach stress as a positive challenge and the difference that will make to performance, health and a wellbeing mindset.
Next Masterclass 2020-07-04
Price: £ 400
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Confidence & Gravitas
Creating Gravitas and displaying Confidence are important skills in our ongoing professional development. They can impact our careers success, our ability to inspire and influence others, to lead teams and manage our own belief in our abilities.
Next Masterclass 2020-07-12
Price: £
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Building Rapport and Influence that lasts
This masterclass will help you to understand the techniques of engaging with people positively and authentically, giving you a greater depth of understanding about others and how to influence, interact with key stakeholders, and equally they with you.
Next Masterclass 2020-06-13
Price: £
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Professional Brand
In this masterclass you will also learn to dispel the biases your brain creates such as feeling a fraud or not being confident to share who you are. Wherever you are in your career and whatever your role, knowing and being able to communicate your skills and uniqueness especially across different platforms as we adapt and respond to the COVID guidelines can only be a good thing!
Next Masterclass 2020-06-26
Price: £
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What would you do if you had no fear?

This masterclass is based on the latest evidence showing how our brains predict the emotions we are feeling, how we will therefore behave. Fear can also hold us back from the impact of the goals we set. This masterclass will help you to identify what fear means to your business and teams, how it can hold you back, how you can overcome fear for greater success and fulfillment.

Next Masterclass 2020-08-13
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