Interactive Neuroscience based masterclasses focused on deepening professional skills and abilities by tapping into the potential of all your brain so you can thrive.

Our series of interactive masterclasses are designed to teach individuals how to harness and excel by tapping into on of the largest competitive advantages- the human brain. By using our unique Neuroscience ‘Mind Your Brain (c)’ based approach we are able to share with individuals and teams how to cultivate growth and agile mindsets through understanding the techniques of how to optimise the power of their brains and mind. 

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Stress and Resilience

Pressure and stress is part of our daily personal and business lives, for good or bad. This Masterclass is for individuals and teams and has been updated to include the latest neurobiological evidence to teach you how to understand the powerful emotions and neurotransmitters behind stress mindstates, so you can change your brains narrative to improve and prevent mental ill-health, build resilience and develop better performance.

In this masterclass you will learn...

  • How your brain percieves threat so you can take control as an individual and as a group
  • We will teach you preventative techniques so you can reapprise your emotions benefiting your wellbeing
  • How to recognise when your cognitive brain is being highjacked and how to apply balance
  • We will share with you the 4 key strategies for creating a more successful relationship with stress
Confidence & Gravitas

Creating gravitas and self-confidence are important skills for your ongoing professional development at all levels. They can impact your career success and your ability to present and voice your thoughts, to lead teams and to manage your belief in your own abilities and therefore the decisions you reach. This masterclass is open for either those who need a refreasher on their unique abilities or those starting out.

In this Neuroscience based masterclass you will learn ...:

  • How to optimise your minds wellbeing so you achieve a confident mindset
  • Develop new neuronal pathways that manifest your gravitas to others
  • How to recognise when your brain is about to self-sabotage
  • We will share with you the 4 key strategies to build your authentic presence
Building rapport and influence that lasts

This masterclass will help you to understand the techniques of engaging with people positively and authentically. It will give you a greater depth of understanding about others, respecting differences and how to influence and interact to meet mutual needs. Designed for those with stakeholder responsibilities, managing teams or in leadership roles.


In this neuroscience based masterclass you will learn ...:

  • How your brain creates trust creating synergistic relationships
  • Establishing rapport so you can enjoy better performance results
  • How by applying neuroscience techniques you can recognise different mindsets and therefore needs
  • We will share with you the 5 key skills to build your people & communication engagement
Overcome Imposter Syndrome

In this masterclass you will unvcover and establish your professional brand, overcoming your imposter syndrome by learning to dispel the biases your brain creates such as feeling a fraud or not being who you are and what you stand for, especially post C19. Wherever you are in your career and whatever your role, knowing and being able to identify your unique brand and values across different platforms and environments is how others will recognise and refer to you so you value your expertise.

In this masterclass you will learn ...:

  • How to understand how your brain tricks you into having a lack of belief in your abilities so that you don't doubt yourself anymore
  • We will teach you when to recognise the importance of voicing your brand and how to do it comfortably
  • How to recognise and own your leadership role, applying it consistently to promote yourself
  • We will share with you the 3 key strategies and skills to dispeling your gremlin voice and replace with welcoming your talents
What would you do if you had no fear?

This latest evidenced masterclass explains how your brains emotional response predicts your behaviour, subconsciously. Meaning that when you hold yourself back from personal or challenging business goals, or you and your team shy away from innovative thinking and actions, it's your brains safety brake going off.  This masterclass will help you identify what fear means to your business and teams, how it can hold you back and how you can overcome fear for greater success and fulfilment.

In this masterclass you will learn ...:

  • How your emotions rule so you can be more cognisant of their impact
  • We will teach you when to notice emotions based on fear and regulate them
  • How to recognise when you are limiting yourself through negative self-talk and how to counter them
  • We will share with you and your teams the 5 key steps to harnessing fear