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Neuroscience based active learning for bold minds

In-depth phrased action learning optimising the power of your brain

Our interactive neuro-based learning programmes designed for internal teams are game-changers because remarkable people aspire to be life-long learners achieving results for both theirs and others’ futures.

Neuro Resonant Leadership – Nurture, nature and Neuroscience

There are many courses teaching leadership competencies and this is not one of them. To benefit from this programme you will need to have those skills already under your belt. What you will need to have, that not all leaders do, is a mindset that thrives on transformation.

Being and understanding what a resonant leader is defines what’s needed to address ‘just in time’ leadership, especially as we are now getting to grips with ‘leadership not as before’ but ‘leadership in the new normal’ a flatter structure including shared leading amongst peers. To achieve this we have identified six fundamental leadership neuroscience based skills that direct a leader to align, drive and progress future focused strategies to navigate through this unchartered and shifting landscape.

This programme shares some very surprising evidenced brain facts that will dispel many of the myths around not only gendered leadership, but leadership in general, or what we have termed ‘nurture, nature and neuroscience’ – diversity brain busters. Within the agenda we will also be introducing speakers who have been on the frontline of running teams and dealing with the sudden change it has brought.

This programme is for the curious, bold, forward thinking, empathetic current and future leaders who are advocates for business innovation and transformation.

The programme will run over 4 x 2.5 sessions, with reflection and module-work between each session of no longer than half an hour. An additional part of the programme is the Neuro Wellbeing SHERPAR© assessment, Leadership Emotions and Behaviours at work EI assessment, and if required Business Emotional Intelligence team assessments.

Neuro Resilient Wellbeing – Buzzers and Stings

Resilience and wellbeing have become a high priority for businesses especially today as we begin to reappraise and plan our futures following this pandemic. The uncertainty we have all felt has created anxiety, fear and on-going stress that undermines our mental and physical wellness, and which can make the difference for organisations to thrive.

Our research into the effects of stress have highlighted the crucial role that our brains perception plays in whether we view and therefore believe stress to be debilitating or enhancing. This programme we will guide attendees to:

•Lear how to reappraise their mindsets and therefore perceptions
•What the buzzers are for resiliency and wellbeing to give us energy and drive
•What stress stings we encounter and enact every day that can leave us physically and mentally drained

Both resilience and wellbeing are an important part of an organisations fabric for success. Understanding how these can be weaved into an organisations culture and leadership, and how they can be practically applied is important to sustain the successful DNA of a company for the future.

This on-line, in house programme runs over two x 3 hour days, with pre and post course work of no longer than an hour. If requested an additional coaching assignment is available that uses our unique evidenced brain-based wellbeing assessment model SHERPAR©. In tests clients have found it significant and powerful in identifying and resolving blocks to their enjoying wellbeing in their lives.