Leadership and Team Wellbeing Neuroscience based education and learning

Brain based education and learning

Our interactive neuro-based learning programmes designed for internal teams are game-changers because remarkable people aspire to be life-long learners achieving results for both theirs and others’ futures.


If you challenged your team would they honestly answer what they would do if they had no fear?

In our ‘What’s Next Lab©’ we have designed a four-part transitioning programme for boards, leaders and teams to explore conversations around the future direction of their business and how a reinvigorated strategy would impact their purpose, product, promise and culture.

The ‘What’s Next Lab©’ sessions use our functional model that is designed around our brains resources to be creative, innovative, detailed and through neuroplasticity forge inter-team connections and ideas. By it's inclusion of the individual diversity of your team the ‘What’s Next Labs©’ framework shifts biases and perceptions to unlock new solutions and answers for the future of your business.


Neuro Resonant Leadership – Nurture, Nature and Neuroscience

Neuroleadership will provide a complelling, competitive and lasting advantage in the new world of work.

Our resonant leadership  'Nurture, Nature and Neuroscience programme is designed to educate you as leaders and senior management to unleash the potential of your brain by understanding how the brain and mind work, enabling you to achieve lasting behavioural impact and sustainable performance.

Because our brains and body are an integrated system they impact all our behaviours. To understand what this means for you and your business we will share the science and techniques behind being a Neuroleader who creates resonance with their teams. Plus how to design an environment where people can excel, find purpose in their roles and be inspired to bring all their brains to work.

As we come out of C19 many leaders are adjusting to new systems, stakeholders and processes during this transition. So in addition to the mechanics of running your business we have identified three important areas that our clients say are critical to driving the potential of their business further:

  • Relationships, specifically how to successfully create the conditions and glue for your teams, customers and suppliers to transition back to work, reconnect and reform
  • Supporting your teams to rediscover their confidence, initiative and wellbeing
  • Being a leader who is a role-model in keeping their teams engaged, innovative, creative and inclusive. By reinvigorated their purpose and focus, and excited about being interconnected in the active design of a sustainable performance led future


In the neuroleadership programme you will learn the six fundamental leadership mindsets that herald a new way for you to develop your business, one that will align, drive and progress future focused strategies to navigate through this uncharted and shifting landscape.

We will also highlight in this programme some unexpected, evidenced brain facts that will dispel many of the myths around not only gendered leadership, but leadership in general - the impact of ‘nurture, nature and neuroscience’ – diversity brain busters. You will also get the chance to met speakers who like you are on the frontline of running teams and dealing with the sudden change it has brought to their business and thinking.

This programme is for the science curious, bold, forward thinking, current and future leaders who are advocates for business innovation.

The programme will run over 4 x 2.5 sessions, with reflection and module-work between each session of no longer than half an hour. An additional part of the programme is the unique Neuro Wellbeing SHERPAR© assessment, Leadership Emotions and Behaviours at work EI assessment, and if required, Business Emotional Intelligence team assessments.

Neuro Resilient Wellbeing – Buzzers and Stings

Resilience and wellbeing have become a high priority for businesses today as we begin to reappraise and plan our futures following C19. The affects of this are the uncertainty many have all felt leading to anxiety, fear and ongoing stress. These symptoms if left unaltered can undermine people's mental and physical wellbeing, and can make the difference as to whether organisations can rely on all the brains in their busienss to thrive.

Our research from our founders MSc neuroscience research into the effects of stress, has highlighted the crucial role that our brain's perception plays in whether we view and therefore believe stress to be debilitating or enhancing. This programme is designed to we guide attendees to:

•Learn how to reappraise their mindsets and therefore perceptions
•Learn what the buzzers are for resiliency and wellbeing to give us energy and drive
•Learn what stress stings we encounter and enact every day that can leave us physically and mentally drained

Both resilient wellbeing is an important part of an organisation's fabric for success. By understanding how these can be woven into an organisation's culture and leadership and how they can be practically applied, is important in sustaining the successful DNA of a company for the future.

This online, in-house programme runs over two x 3 hour days, with pre and post course work of no longer than an hour. If requested an additional coaching assignment is available that uses our unique evidenced brain-based wellbeing assessment model SHERPAR©. In tests, clients have found it significant and powerful in identifying and resolving blocks to their enjoying wellbeing in their lives. The neuroscience foundations of this programme have been taught to peer coaches through the Association for Coaching, as the programmes expert knowledge is unique.