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Founder, Applied Neuroscientist and Executive Coach

Soraya is an advocate for applying the latest evidenced behavioural, cognitive and emotional Neuroscience to understanding how the human brain works, why people behave the way they do and the advantages of each of us experiencing the world uniquely and diversely.

Soraya believes that Neuroscience is scientifically evidencing our understanding of human behaviour to bring and add new knowledge and insights to compliment the work of other development disciplines.

Soraya is passionate about working with Leadership, Management, HR & L&D because by enabling them to reach focused inclusive solutions to engagment and motivation creates a positive cascade effect throughout the whole company enabling energetic performance and productivity.

Soraya is one of only two people globally to hold an MSc in ‘Applied Neuroscience in Organisations’ designed for those in executive business positions. She has researched and produced a brain based neuro-wellbeing & resilience strategy and brain based coaching wellbeing assessment model and tool SHERPAR©.

From this research Soraya has inspired many leaders and their teams in how to reassess their mindset to stress from seeing it as debilitating to enabling so that they can all thrive in a healthier work environment.

As an Executive Coach for over 20 years, coupled with her former career as a Global Business Director on FTS 100 companies within the creative & marketing industry (Ogilvy & Mather, Interpublic), means Soraya has a unique perspective to offer.

Another area of engagement Soraya relishes is event speaking as more minds and brains can be reached. Recent events have included the BBC’s ‘International Women’s’ network, Advertising Week Europe and as a visiting academic speaker at King’s College London and Brighton Business School for their HR MSc cohorts. More recently Soraya has been hosting online seminars for companies and other psychology professionals on the ‘Influence of Emotions’, Brain Friendly Cultures’, ‘Minding your Brain’ and other bespoke subjects.

A founding Member and past board member for the Association for Coaching, Soraya is also a Member of the British Neuroscience Association, British Psychological Society and the Chartered Management and Leadership Institute. Soraya’s coaching credentials include diplomas in ‘Leadership & Management’ (CIPD) and NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching. Her coach training was with the Institute of Neuroleadership who were the founders of brain based coaching.

Outside of work Soraya loves the arts and is a Patron of Brighton Festival and Dome. She would like to say that she spends time hiking on the Sussex Downs, but the truth is with her husband they are off enjoying the Brighton music and arts scene!