Neuroscience Foundation Course Training

Say Hello To Your Brain© Applied Neuroscience Training for Professional Practitioners and Business Professionals

Are you curious to know how to optimise your brain’s potential by applying cutting-edge neuroscience across your practice or business? Or how you can develop your and others’ success in work and life healthy? How you can gain the knowledge and techniques to inspire a shared purpose so that everyone wants to bring all their brain to work?

If the answer is “yes” then this Neuroscience course is for you.

Ideal for anyone in the coaching, consulting or training professions, including leaders or managers who are looking to explore and learn practical applied neuroscience knowledge to strengthen their portfolio and organisation. The programme is especially relevant for those who are looking for an evidence-based, easy-to-grasp, hands-on style of learning, that demystifies the science to fit everyday life.

Why Neuroscience-Based Leadership Coaching?

Within the past 15 years, science has accelerated the way in which we approach one of life’s greatest mysteries – how the human brain works. Each year the rapidly evolving field of neuroscience is making significant discoveries that continue to deepen our breadth of understanding into how our brains predict and process our lives, what makes us human and how we can optimise the awesome power of our brains.

As we come out of this emotional ‘tumble drier’ and with new research into the needs of our ever-changing business arena and hybrid practices, now more than ever companies are seeking out how they can redesign their approach.

Why Choose Springboard Tribe’s Practical Brain-Based Neuroscience Training?

Everything that we experience, both mentally and physically, comes from our brains. When you are in a position where you can influence others’ lives, learning the knowledge of how to practically apply neuroscience is where the greatest, sustainable difference can be felt.

Our training utilises the latest research insights and data from the fields of neuroscience, behavioural psychology and business management. We help you to develop skills practically, with interactive learning designed to improve your influence and performance in your professional field.

If you’re passionate about coaching and curious to understand neurobiology and the workings of the human brain then join our new step-by-step practical neuroscience and brain-based training course

You will be introduced to:

  • Foundations of the brains neurophysiology and anatomy to give you a context into what makes each of us unique
  • Following a guided learning style you will discover how to proactively use evidenced brain-based techniques
  • Understand Neuroplasticity in practice to accelerate innovation, collaboration, adaptability, agility, self-efficacy & growth
  • How our constructed emotions are the foundations of our mindsets and behaviour informing our brain’s perspectives and predictions
  • Introduction to the future, diverse world of HR & L&D, hence why applied neuroscience knowledge is a vital skill

This Neuroscience learning platform will give you the confidence to apply the learnings in daily life and to identify areas that you want to explore more. 

About Your Coach

The Say Hello To Your Brain© leadership coach training programme is delivered by Soraya Shaw, Springboard Tribe’s founder, who in 2019 was one of the first business people globally to achieve an MSc in the evidenced practice of ‘Applied Neuroscience in Organisations’.

With decades of coaching experience and her first career in creative agencies, Soraya has a first-hand understanding of the corporate world and its business performance expectations. Soraya distils her vast levels of knowledge into this extensive course for new, established and aspiring professionals. Additional collaborators in this programme are also neuroscience-informed and experts in their respective fields.

Leadership Coach Training Course Format

The course is interactive and immersive, drawing on the latest learnings from the field of neuroscience studies. Running over four online sessions, each session will run for two hours.

In addition to the hands-on sessions, you will also benefit from the latest readings and research papers so that your knowledge develops a deeper context unique to you. You will also enjoy the opportunity to share with your co-learners how you have applied the neuroscience techniques within your role, and share your findings with the group to fuse the knowledge you’ve gained between you.

“The subject matter is vast, so you’ve done an extraordinary job of extracting the key elements to ensure the fundamentals were covered”.

“I am always keen to learn more about how to apply the information to real-life scenarios and how to develop my skills using this knowledge. I wasn’t expecting it to be so interactive. I really liked that”.

Dates for the third programme will be released soon. If you would like to be added to our waiting list just drop us a note at and take advantage of our early bird price.

At Springboard Tribe our mission is to develop a tribe of like-minded brain ambassadors who want to positively impact others’ lives, enabling them to thrive as we navigate the next year and beyond. Want to come and join our tribe? Get in touch with us today!