'Say Hello To Your Brain’©

Join us in our mission to develop a tribe of brain advocates to share what we know about the practical application of enriching and engaging our brains. These learning sessions have been designed specifically for established internal and external coaches, helping professionals, psychologists, educators, leaders, HR or those in management positions.

Our delivery aim is to widen the support and positively impact others’ lives, enabling them to thrive as we navigate through 2020 and beyond. 

As you know until quite recently understanding how the human brain worked remained one of our greatest mysteries. But in recent years the rapidly evolving field of neuroscience has made significant discoveries that continue to deepen our understanding of how our brains process our lives. As discoveries continue to  revolutionise our knowledge so these insights can improve your practices to benefit your clients’ lives, work, wellbeing, relationships and service to others.

In this brain friendly, immersive and interactive 5 week zoom training you will explore and learn practical applied neuroscience knowledge and techniques that draw on the latest brain-based research.

Each bi-weekly session will take 2 hours of your time and in addition to the readings and latest papers we will share with you, you will be required to explore within your role how you can apply the neuroscience techniques and sharing your learnings with the group.

If you are interested in joining our next cohort please fill the form and we will send you further details including cost, content and dates.

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