Being part of the Springboard Tribe as a collaborator or client makes you an ambassador for spreading the word about how important understanding our brains are for creating thriving people, organisations and societies.

In 2018 we included Tribe within our Springboard name as we felt that the world was changing pretty quickly (we hit the bullseye on that prediction!) and that understanding the potential of our brains would provide a springboard for us into this hybrid, flexing world.

We wanted to find a way to describe ourselves that would share our personal responsibility, and how we collectively need to be attuned to the needs of the wider community.

The Springboard Tribe collectively have a shared purpose and pro-social values. We feel recognised, valued and encouraged to be the best of who we are. In our tribe, Neuroscience embraces our diversity and brings us all together.

The Springboard Tribe Values


We want to grow, understand, learn and apply.  Nothing stays still especially now. We are always evolving.


Not to shy away from pushing the boundaries of knowledge, ideas, vulnerability and opinions to enrich our tribe.


Our relationships are core to who we are. We thrive when we are in relationships where honesty, respect and trust are lived.


Experiencing and feeling self-esteem, belief and efficacy are what drive us forward to be our best selves. We all want to experience tangible success.

Do you share our values and beliefs? If so let us support you to grow yourself, your people and your organisation, increasing your influence and authentic confidence to lead.