At Springboard Tribe we are proud to work with CEO’s, boards, senior and middle management, partners, learning & development, HR professionals & entrepreneurs. They have come from a range of small to large corporations. We’ve also been fortunate to work with SME’s and start-ups, including many wonderful pioneering individuals and coaches. It’s been a mutual learning experience!

In this challenging year this is how our clients have trusted our work.

"It was fascinating – especially how by understanding what our brain is doing, we can control our stressful instinctive reactions and choose helpful mindful responses!!"
Brooklyn Brothers - Say Hello To Your Brain Team Talk. Rated 9/10
"Working with Soraya through this pandemic has been invaluable, her perspective is considered, honest and innovative - the process has given me some well needed guidance during this uncharted time - I love working with Soraya she is a true power force - and bloody funny”
MD - We are hels - Swivel and Pivel Strategy. Rated 10/10
"Soraya and Springboard Tribe have been extremely influential in regards to my outlook on life in the past 2 years. Soraya's strengths lie in the ability to recognise patterns in your behaviours – from working within a high powered business environment to playing a role at home, everything can be linked and new journeys considered. Recently I ran an external speaker session with my team, asking Soraya to lead with the objective of breaking people away from usual process thinking, to energise them to approach performance differently: your brain is capable of so many things. Feedback was extremely positive, and Top Body Reset Tip of ‘being bored every day for 15mins’ has resonated well" Over and above you respect Soraya, her work achievements and clear passion for making herself the best she can be means you always benefit from her time.
Team Director - Sky - Team Culture. Rated 9/10
“Springboards 1:1 Coaching took me back to basics and made me realise that I was also interviewing these companies and there needed to be a good cultural fit for me as well. I'm feeling so much more positive about interviewing and what I can offer and I think that is being picked up when I interview. Overall, I think it is fair to say Springboard picked me up, dusted me down and got me match fit again!!”
1:1 Coaching Conversation Post Furlough. Rated 10/10
"As the founder of a travel business, Selective Asia, CV19 hit us very hard and very early. My mind soon sprung to any number of pivots, sidesteps and adjustments to the business as we weathered the early storm and then started to make plans for the future. Perfect timing for Soraya and the ‘What’s Next Lab’. Soraya quickly set to work helping me understand the underlying science behind the roller-coaster of emotions and general states of positivity (or not) I was experiencing, as well as helping me make sense and add structure to the ideas and plans that had started to form. No such thing as a bad idea, perhaps, however certainly too many ideas can be problematic. Thanks to Soraya’s individual guidance and with the benefit of our small groups inter-mentoring and support, I was able to start bringing the more likely solutions to the top of the pile. Soraya’s business background is invaluable as is her understanding of the importance of brand clarity. We’re a long way from out of the woods but we’re getting the odd glimpse of sunlight through the canopy".
MD Travel Company Selective Asia - ‘What’s Next Lab' Programme. Rated 10/10
“The guidance, advice and technique were crafted and tailored to our needs - for us it means being able to action ambitions not just talk about them only to drop the ball after the session. Realistic and fun to work with we have not only been able to put the insights into practice but also use them again and again when passing on advice. This has helped me see a real world view of my personal aims and the business, remove obstacles and move strategically forward”.
Leadership Team Make Good Trouble - Leadership Team ‘What’s Next Lab' Team Day. Rated 10/10