Confidential Company Transitioning Workshops

The biggest danger is to imagine that everything you’ve done in the past will be right for the future”.

Graham Bednash, Google UK 2019

As we manoeuvre forward, accepting change and uncertainty by letting go of the stabilisers that we’ve adopted is now a priority.

So let’s get going – welcome to the new
‘What’s Next Lab’©?

In the Lab we have designed a four-part transitioning workshop for companies, teams and individuals exploring the conversations around the future of their business and what they want. Structured conversations that will take attendees through defined steps exploring, adapting and expanding on potential future areas or pivots in new direction. The aim will be for attendees to:

Identify what has shifted or is now obsolete

The knock-on effects across the business including future plans

How they can repurpose, redefine their strategy and plan for the future

And how self-care is a key management competency to accept

There are four workshops each lasting 3 hours, which are based on transitioning research, strategic and product development experience, and innovation frameworks . It has been designed to challenge attendees by asking them to honestly ask and answer what they would do next if they had no fear! Or as Albert Einstein observed ‘In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity’.

Uniquely the workshop has the added benefits of being focused on the brains ability to create new solutions and answers. Each framework in the workshop uses brain and behavioural focused models, plus our new ‘What’s Next Lab©? Model, to shift perceptions, give insights that provide new perspectives, opening up innovative mindsets that challenging business as normal, especially as who knows what ‘new normal’ even means. 

The workshop will be used with internal company teams, or as a Springboard Tribe event that will bring together other peer business owners for new perspectives, experience and insights as we are currently running.


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What people say

Managing Director
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“This has given us a framework, guidance and structure to guide our random thoughts in a cohesive and knowledgeable way. Really looking forward to the next session and exploring the wider implications”.
Leadership Team Director
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“The guidance, advice and technique were crafted and tailored to our needs - for us it means being able to action ambitions not just talk about them only to drop the ball after the session. Realistic and fun to work with we have not only been able to put the insights into practice but also use them again and again when passing on advice. This has helped me see a real world view of my personal aims and the business, remove obstacles and move strategically forward”.