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The Springboard Tribe are united by a shared purpose and values. We are professional partners who complement each-others expertise and knowledge. We’re curious and optimistic individuals who want to contribute to the future, both at work and in society. We believe in developing cultures and leaders that empower the ingenuity of the human brain to drive sustainable performance, innovation and cognitive and emotional wellbeing.

Founder | Applied Neuroscientist | Executive Coach | Speaker


Soraya holds an MSc in ‘Applied Neuroscience in Organisations’, one of the first people globally to do so.  Using an evidence based neuroscience approach and insights into human nature born from her early career in creative agencies, Soraya works with leaders, and senior teams during periods of transition and change to optimise potential, improve communication and influence. Her mission is to influence the future world of work through using neuroscience to shape the minds of future leaders and consult on business redesign, organisational mastery, resilience and wellbeing.

An Accredited Executive Coach Soraya is a founding member and past Association for Coaching board member. Soraya combines her neuroscience knowledge with behavioural science, and 20 years of executive performance coaching. 

Soraya has researched and produced a unique brain based neuro-wellbeing strategy and brain based coaching wellbeing assessment model and behavioural systems tool.

Coming from a communication and marketing creative agency background (Ogilvy & Mather) for FTS 100 clients, Soraya has worked with some diverse minds and brains including professional services, digital communication networks, entreprenuers and not-for-profits. From this experience Soraya knows the richness achieved through individuality, divergent thinking, agility and team cohesion when people work within a culture that values everyones brain potential.

Springboard’s neuroscience based products include masterclasses, brain training, resilience and leadership programmes and bespoke consultancy offering a unique perspective from a progressive and curious brain.

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HR Engagement

Jason is our HR mastermind advising on psychological safety, HR policies, diversity, inclusion and their role in greater connectedness and work.



Virtual Assistant

Brit is one of our virtual assistants who specialises in admin and organisation. She uses her skills to keep the Springboard Tribe all in order!



Neuro Research Assistant

Luise is our research assistant currently studying Psychology and Neuroscience at Sussex University.​

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Neuro L&D Delivery Team

The coaching and delivery team are qualified professionals who work with our clients to enhance their potential as leaders, deliver our courses and are advocates for neuroscience and wellbeing.​