Advanced development programmes with a Neuroscience advantage

Deep-dive, action focused, interactive development programmes for leadership, senior managment and teams who are actively shaping future company culture and strategy.
The What's Next Lab(C)
Do you need to change strategic direction post C19?


Post C19 do you believe your business strategy would benefit by being reinvigorated? Do you have an idea what your moonshot would be? If so what impact could this have on your purpose, products & services, culture, structure & direction and ultimate performance success?

Our ‘What’s Next Lab©’ is an action focused, step by step three-part programme for boards, leaders and teams to explore potential alternative directions or adjustments for the future of their business.

The ‘What’s Next Lab©’ sessions are structured using our unique brain based business model. Designed and demonstrated to encourage reappraisal, innovative thinking and problem solving, whilst challenging limited thinking, conflict avoidance and blocking of diverse ideas.

Half-day Introduction & 3 x interactive sessions

Neuro Resonant Wellbeing Leadership – Nurture, Nature and Neuroscience
Do you know what it takes to become a leader who resonates with their teams and clients, especially post C19?

Our resonant leadership  'Nurture, Nature and Neuroscience' programme is designed to explore with you as senior managers or teams how to unleash the potential of yourself and others in this new world of work. By understanding how the human brain and mind works you can become a resonant leader who engages more effectively, and inspires the trust of others to bring the best of themselves to achieve their aims and the teams.

This programme you will teach you three important areas namely:

  • Relationships - creating the conditions and glue for your teams and stakeholders to connect, trust and co-design
  • Rediscover - rediscover building a growth mindset that builds confidence to become business innovators post C19
  • Role-model - how to create behaviours that respect the diversity of all those around you to create a positive culture

This unique brain based programme is for the science curious, intuitive, forward thinking, current and future leaders who want to invest in the skills for more sustainable companies.  As you would expect from a programme informed by science you will also be introduced to the latest brain studies that will dispel many of the myths around leadership or as we call them 'diversity brain busters'. 

Half day introduction/2 x interactive sessions

Neuro Resilient Wellbeing – Buzzers and Stings Programme
Are you and your teams feeling that your resilience is adversly affecting your mental wellbeing?

The Buzzers and Stings programme is for leaders and teams to gain the ability to resolve stress and anxiety when under pressure. At the end of this 5 x 2 hour sessions, benefits will include learning how to apply the neuroscience techniques for changing negative mindsets to more optimistic and resourceful mindsets.

Springboard Tribe's MSc neuroscience research into the impact of stress, has highlighted the crucial role that our brain networks and perceptions have in how we respond mentally and physically, believing stress to be debilitating or enhancing.

We will guide you and your teams to:

  • Reappraise their mindsets and therefore behaviours
  • What the 'buzzers' are for resiliency and wellbeing to renew energy and drive
  • How to overcome the stress 'stings' that are physically and mentally draining

Additionally, you and your teams will benefit from using our unique brain-based wellbeing assessment model SHERPAR©.  The neuroscience foundations of this programme have been taught to peer coaches at the Association for Coaching and hundreds of clients.

Half day introduction/2 x interactive sessions