Neuroscience Based Coaching

Discover your brain

Focus on your needs

Become a solution-oriented person

Our 1:1 Coaching puts applied neuroscience at the heart of coaching, supporting you to thrive, enjoy increased wellbeing and embrace a growth mindset. Based on the latest evidenced behavioural and cognitive neuroscience, interlinked with psychology, commercial and business insights, the knowledge of how we can make change can be practically understood and applied.

Through our coaching conversations we create a collaborative, totally confidential relationship supporting you to gain self-awareness, clarify goals and deliver business objectives. Through this process we will challenge assumptions and conclusions to give clarity and insights, new perspectives, feedback and solutions.

Covid19 Future Forward

  • Refocus on professional and personal purpose and objectives
  • Learning and adjustment to professional style and results following COVID 19
  • Board facilitation and review of new learnings, values, team needs, product or service innovations, working arrangements, culture and brand
  • Appraisal of business strategy, objectives and new goals
  • Guidance on team appraisals, wellbeing and cohesion

Resonant Leadership and Managment

  • Bring out the best in others to drive business through creating resonant and future thought leadership
  • Team cohesion, creative thinking and strategy
  • Effective and clear communication that engages and creates followship
  • How to excel and collaborate as a team member
  • Board readiness
  • How to manage up
  • Developing your professional brand and voice
  • How to optimise the power of yours and other’s brains when working under pressure

Cognitive and Emotional Regulation

  • How to regulate your emotions to maximise performance by avoiding fight or flight responses
  • Learn how to emotionally and cognitively manage yourself and others
  • How to utalise your brain power to reach the most effective decisions to tough or challenging situations
  • Develop your confidence, gravitas and influence
  • Emotional Intelligence assessment and development